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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 11, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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almost a decade later to give away the bride, and he did that because her father's heart is inside his body. i think this is such a beautiful story. this is them walking down the aisle. >> very touching. they have miss an episode. "special report" is now. the justice department passes on an fbi request to investigate the overlap between the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. what you don't know apparently is just fine with the obama justice department. when it comes to the clinton foundation. it is refusing to look into a story we reported wednesday on fox about e-mails suggesting an inappropriate relationship between the clinton charitable foundation and the state department when hillary clinton was in charge. this comes as democrats are said to be bracing for more hacked
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e-mails to go public. correspondent rich edson has tonight's sop story. >> reporter: federal officials have dropped their investigation. fox news reported in january the fbi had expanded its investigation into state's possible relationship with the clinton foundation. senior justice officials now tell fox there is currently no federal investigation into the clinton foundation. the same officials declined to comment on a cnn report that justice department denied a request from several fbi field offices to open a case into the matter. at last month's congressional hearing, fbi director james comey declined to comment on the existence of an investigation into the clinton foundation. the e-mail conversations of former secretary of state hillary clinton, her closest confidants and democratic party operatives are steadily emerging. successful russian hackers and lawsuits mean voters could see more of these exchanges ahead of
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the november election. and clinton's opponent is exploiting each release. >> it's called pay for play. you saw this. new e-mails come out. new e-mails. how do you think hillary would feel if e-mails were never invented? would she be happy? that's like a truth serum. >> reporter: conservative group judicial watch sued to obtain state department e-mails of top officials. some exchanges show clinton foundation donors seeking job offers. democrats have defended clinton, saying government officials often receive job referrals, pointing out republicans in government have also hired or referred friends, family members, and donors. the e-mail releases reach beyond the state department and clinton foundation. security officials suspect russia is responsible for stealing e-mails from the democratic national committee. wikileaks released nearly 20,000 of them ahead of the democratic
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national convention. they show dnc bias to clinton in her race against senator bernie sanders for the democratic nomination. costing top dnc officials their jobs. >> this is a watergate like electronic break-in. and anyone who would exploit for the purpose of embarrassment or something like that is an accomplice to that. >> reporter: that break-in may be far more successful than reported, compromising private e-mail accounts of more than 100 party officials and groups. this is according to "the new york times," citing officials with knowledge of the case. bret, we are also hearing now the dnc is putting together a cyber security initiative to try to head this off, and prevent this from happening again. >> rich, thank you. now, a matter of trust. a republican-led congressional task force says we cannot trust the information we receive from u.s. central command about the battle against isis terrorists. lawmakers say military leaders deliberately manipulated intelligence reports to make the
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american effort appear to be more successful than it has been. the questions now are who lied and why? correspondent kevin corke is traveling with the president tonight and reports from martha's vineyard. >> reporter: centcom shaded the evidence, cooked the books, and the obama administration in turn manipulated the public. those were the explosive, initial findings of a congressional task force report, investigating allegations that u.s. central command painted a rosier picture of its progress in the war against isis than was warranted by the facts on the ground. the report reviewed assessments of the air campaign in iraq and syria, beginning in 2014. and seemed to substantiate claims by whistleblowers that they were told to water down isis and al qaeda threats. the report said --
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>> the president called isis the j.v. he said al qaeda was on the run. senior intelligence leaders were molding intelligence to fit that story line. >> reporter: the report showed no direct evidence of white house influence, but one of president obama's defense secretaries told fox news he saw signs that staff members were following the president's lead. >> too often people are second guessing where the president wants to go and they try to then shade their views to basically please the president. >> reporter: and one expert says flawed readouts may have put lives at risk. >> the president of the united states has had a tendency to minimize the threat from our adversaries and to exaggerate the progress that we have made against them. >> it's not as if i've been receiving wonderfully rosy, glowing portraits of what's been happening in iraq and syria over the last year and a half. >> reporter: the white house has been struggling since november to explain the discrepancy
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between what senior level analysises are saying and what the president was told by centcom's leaders. >> at my level, we've had a clear-eyed, sober assessment of where we've made real progress, and where we have not. >> reporter: a pentagon spokesman tried to explain it this way -- >> reporter: bret, a spokesperson for centcom tells fox news they are aware of that report and continue to review its findings but point out since there are ongoing investigations, they won't have any further comment about the report for now. bret? >> kevin corke traveling with the president. kevin, thank you. how do you feel about the centcom intelligence scandal? let me know on twitter. or on facebook. hillary clinton is
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maintaining a huge lead on donald trump among hispanic registered voters. fox news latino is releasing its latest survey right now. clinton is up by 46 points on trump. in a three-way race, trump has lost support to gary johnson who stands at 16%. and clinton far surpasses trump favorability with hispanic voters. trump is standing by a comment that president obama is the founder of isis. and today he puts hillary clinton in the same category. donald trump is about to appear at a rally in florida where carl cameron is tonight. >> reporter: donald trump gave a low-key, off the cuff speech to the national home builder's association in miami and continued his attack on president obama for the rise of isis. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. in fact, i think we'll give hillary clinton the, you know, with your sports team, most
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valuable player. >> reporter: trump's claimed for a year that obama's withdrawal of u.s. troops from iraq helped isis grow. this is from last night. >> isis is honoring president obama. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis, okay? he's the founder. he founded isis. >> reporter: trump has dismissed gop worries that such remarks could cost him the election with swing voters. >> all i do is tell the truth. i'm a truth teller. all i do is tell the truth, and if at the end of 90 tays i've fallen short because i'm politically correct, even though i'm supposed to be the smart one and supposed to have a lot of good ideas, it's okay. i go back to a very good way of life. >> reporter: speaking to pastors in orlando, trump warned of weak support in utah where mormons may a big part of republican politics and evan mcmullen, a former missionary, announced his run yesterday. >> utah is a different place,
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and i don't know -- is anybody here from utah? i didn't think so. we're having a problem, because, you know, look, it could cost us the supreme court. >> reporter: trump bashed clinton for the orlando nightclub shooter's attendance at her monday rally. but as trump spoke, seated behind him was the former congressman mark foley who resigned in disgrace. the republican national committee is under pressure to reign in trump's rhetoric. they've been working with members about distancing themselves from trump. fox news obtained a petition demanding the rnc divert its money and resources from trump to other candidates, lest the party go down with him. so far that petition has more than 70 signatures from former members of congress, former members of the republican national committee itself, as
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well as former operatives in the last eight republican presidential campaigns, and they plan to present the now draft next week. finalized petition with a lot more signatures. >> carl cameron, live in florida. carl, thanks. hillary clinton says donald trump wants to make america great again for himself, and his rich buddies. clinton laid out her economic case today in the same detroit area where trump outlined his plan monday. mike emanwell fills us in. >> reporter: hillary clinton outside detroit attacked donald trump's economic proposals as only benefits the wealthy. >> just a more extreme version of the failed theory of trickle down economics with his own addition of outlandish, trumpian ideas that even republicans reject. >> reporter: clinton is expected to release her 2015 tax returns
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in the coming days, trying to press trump into doing the same. she accused trump of talking a big game. >> if team usa was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simone biles would be cowering in the locker room afraid to come out and compete. instead, they're winning gold medals. >> reporter: clinton leads trump by 6.6 points in michigan so far. but there's some concern among democrats about trump's message connecting with white working class voters, frustrated by the lack of economic growth. in miami, trump blasted clinton ahead of her speech. >> he's going to raise taxes $1.3 trillion. i'm going to cut taxes, big league, big league. we're having a massive cut in taxes. >> reporter: bernie sanders upset clinton in michigan back in march. >> they have resulted in tens of
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thousands of factories being shut down here, moved abroad. they have been particularly devastating to michigan, ohio, illinois and the midwest. >> reporter: clinton tried to reassure the rust belt today. >> my message to every worker in michigan and across america is this -- i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages, including the transpacific partnership. i oppose it now. i'll oppose it after the election, and i'll oppose it as president. >> reporter: the last time a republican won michigan in a presidential election was 1988. george herbert walker bush. it does have a gop governor in rick snyder, although he isn't endorsing trump. it could be a fight here. >> mike, thank you. up next, another report of chemical weapons being used in syria and another denial from
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the syrians and the russians. fox 45 in baltimore with two people dead after an explosion and apartment fire in the washington, d.c. suburb of silver spring, maryland. 34 people were injured and taken to area hospitals. three firefighters were hurt, but not seriously. it's not known yet what caused that explosion. fox 5 in atlanta with a report that delta airlines massive computer problems last week featured what the airline calls a small fire at its data center. delta is not saying whether that fire contributed to the problems that have canceled more than 2100 flights so far, including at least 30 more today. and this is a live look at new york, from our affiliate fox 5, one of the big stories there tonight, police identified the man who scaled the trump tower yesterday. 19-year-old steven regato of great falls, virginia, was dragged into a window on the 21st floor, being charged with
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ukraine's army is on combat alert tonight with russian controlled crimea. the country's president gave the orders following accusations from moscow that ukraine sent saboteurs to carry out attacks. ukraine calls that a provocation. russia annexed the peninsula from ukraine in 2014. russian backed separatists have been fighting the ukrainian government forces ever since. the fbi says it provided actionable threat intelligence to canadian officials who prevented a known isis sympathizer from carrying out a suicide bombing plot. the plan was stopped wednesday in southern ontario. authorities say a man who had previously been banned with associating with isis terrorists planned to carry out the attack and prepared a martyrdom video. they are not saying how he died. the man had been under surveillance for at least a year. syrian activists say russian air strikes against isis have
3:19 pm
killed at least 20 civilians in the group's capital of raqqah. meanwhile, they say the government used chlorine gas in an attack in aleppo. and international aid workers say russia's promised daily three-hour cease-fire for humanitarian aid there is not nearly good enough. john huddy has the latest from our middle east newsroom. >> reporter: the three-hour cease-fire today in aleppo amounted to just talk. fighting rained in the city, putting a chokehold on the more than quarter million people still cut off from food, water, and medical help. >> three hours is indeed not enough. three hours is really nothing. we need 48 hours. >> reporter: syrian rebel forces remain lock in a vicious battle with the syrian regime for control of aleppo. once the fractured country's
3:20 pm
commercial hub, now divided by assad's regime in the west and opposition forces in the east. opposition forces captured a key military base, and this rebel drone video shows attacks on government forces. but with every gain, the rebels face intensified russian and syrian air strikes. russia is now reportedly planning to upgrade its air base outside the port city of latakia into a permanent military facility, only adding to the country's involvement in syria. if rebel forces lose aleppo, they may lose the war. and the battle isn't only with bullets and bombs. >> translator: we were walking and we saw gas. like if you open a gas canister. >> reporter: a mother and her children were killed, with
3:21 pm
dozens of injured. syria and russia deny using chemical weapons. >> there is a lot of evidence it did take place. we have organizations that are addressing that. but if it did take place, sit a war crime. >> reporter: all of this a contrast to talks earlier this week between turkish and russian foreign officials about military cooperation in syria to stop isis and help end the civil war, despite both countries being on opposite sides of the fighting. >> john, thank you. a belgian woman who won a bronze medal at the 2012 olympics is the first sailor to become sick after racing on the polluted bay in rio de janeiro. she reported feeling ill after wednesday's races. her coach says she contracted a severe intestinal infection while training in rio in july. she was a favorite to return to the podium in these games.
3:22 pm
so far she's still in position to make the medals race but is in 10th place overall. can democrats retake the u.s. senate? we'll look at the polling, the maps, and go to one state where the republican incumbent could be in trouble. that's next.
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democrats are hoping that republican disarray over the donald trump campaign can help them recapture the u.s. senate this fall. the current lineup has 54 republicans, 44 democrats, and two independents who caucus with the democrats. that means democrats need to gain at least four seats for control, five if donald trump wins. the red states where they are defending, there you see 24 republicans defending seats. the dark blue represents ten states where democrats are the incumbents up for election. the latest polling has marco
3:27 pm
rubio in a virtual tie with one of two democratic challengers in florida. in pennsylvania, pat toomey is died with his challenger. and in ohio, republican rob portman is up by nine. illinois is definitely in play, as well. senator mark kirk could be in serious trouble against tammy duckworth. mike tobin looks at that contest from chicago tonight. >> reporter: with control of the senate up for grabs, one of the seats viewed as most vulnerable is senator mark kirks. his challenger, democratic congresswoman tammy duckworth. she connects the incumbent with all things republican. the koch brothers and donald trump. >> he endorsed donald trump after he said that all mexicans were rapists. he endorsed donald trump after he called women picks and dogs. >> reporter: she breezes over the fact that kirk was the first
3:28 pm
republican in the senate to rescind his support for donald trump. she says she won't vote for hillary clinton. instead, he spends to write in colin powell. >> kirk is trying a very difficult task of keeping all the republican votes but gaining the independent vote. and for that, he can't be a trump supporter and he can't be a right wing conservative. >> reporter: at the risk of alienating alienating others, he encouraged fellow republicans to man up and vote on his confirmation. kirk made a point of not attending the republican convention. >> i wanted the people of illinois to realize i'm independent of the republican party. >> reporter: both are veterans. she was shot down over iraq and lost both her legs. >> 12 years ago, i was
3:29 pm
co-piloting a black hawk helicopter over iraq. >> reporter: she-- he suffered a stroke in 2012. >> that disability is actually a little bit of a handicap, because everyone is asking the question, is he really up to the stress and the difficulties of being a senator? >> reporter: duckworth is shy having twice as much cash on hand as kirk does. the national senatorial campaign is coming to their aid. at least one outside super pac is spending hundreds of thousands to attack duckworth's record on national security. bret, back to you. >> mike to been in chicago. mike, thanks. a major setback tonight for advocates of marijuana. the obama administration will not take it off the list of the most dangerous drugs. that occurs as several more states are considering the
3:30 pm
legalization of recreational pot. national correspondent reports tonight from los angeles. >> until such time as the federal government removes marijuana from the controlled substance act, i don't know what any city or county tells me to do, i'm looking at ten years in prison. >> reporter: the dea refused to reclassify marijuana, keeping it as a schedule one drug, like heroin and lsd. >> the evidence is clear that marijuana is less harmful than most prescription drugs, it's far less harmful than alcohol. >> reporter: 22 million americans smoke spot according to a survey, and thousands use it to treat illnesses. yet the dea says based on data, marijuana has a high potential for abus, no accepted medical use, and lacks an acceptable amount of safety.
3:31 pm
that conclusion makes no sense to many in the 25 states and 10 countries where medical marijuana is legal. >> it's mind boggling when they say it has no medical value, when more than 80% of the nation agrees it does. >> reporter: the dea did agree to make more pot available, expanding the number of universities permitted to grow it for research. but today's decision does not address the growing divide between federal and state policy. >> it's too big, and moving too fast to stop it. >> reporter: recreational pot is already legal in four states. in november, voters in five more states may join them, allowing adults to possess up to an ounce and grow a limited number of plants. >> it's because the federal government has completely failed to address this issue at the federal level we're seeing all these states taking it upon themselves to adopt medical marijuana laws and now to adopt laws to allow adults to use it
3:32 pm
responsibly. >> reporter: until marijuana passes the drug approval process, pot will remain illegal. so supporters should not hold their breath. >> william, thank you. students are returning to school in miami, where 22 people contracted the zika virus from mosquitos. officials are allowing children to wear pants and long sleeve shirts that do not match uniforms, but prohibited the use of mosquito repellant on campus. authorities want children to load up on the repellant before coming to school. a better day on wall street today. the dow rose 118, the s&p 500 jumped 10, the nasdaq up 24. the obama justice department backs off its look into the overlap between the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's state department. and new democrat worries about more hacked e-mails.
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pay for play. you're not allowed to do it. it's illegal, it's illegal. and i would imagine other things are going to be coming down the pike. >> this is not a typical money in politics story. we're used to wall street, oil companies, et cetera giving donations to politicians, getting access. but federal law prevents foreign businessmen and governments from doing so. the clinton foundation is a gateway around that. >> the state department is not aware of any actions that were influenced by the clinton foundation. >> well, this story continues to percolate. the clinton foundation and the interaction with secretary clinton's state department, we showed you those e-mails from judicial watch yesterday. today, we're learning that the
3:38 pm
justice department turned down an fbi request to continue or expand the investigation into the clinton foundation. and we're learning from a report about cheryl mills, hillary clinton's chief of staff at the time, and what she did as in that job. cnn's reporting on june 19th, of 2012, mills boarded a new york city bound amtrak train in washington's union station. the next morning at the offices of a new york based executive firm, mills interviewed two business executives to help the clinton foundation find a new leader. brian fallon with the clinton campaign responded saying it's absurd. it was crystal clear to all involved that this had nothing to do with her official duet yis. what is crystal clear is this is not going away for hillary clinton and what does that mean in the big picture from politics?
3:39 pm
let's bring in our panel. okay, steve, it seems like we're getting more and more of this, and it seems like it's significant. >> it's very significant. anybody who read "clinton cash," understood what was going on with the clinton foundation generally. this was a pay for play operation, basically people who solicited the clinton foundation, they gave money to the clinton foundation and got the state department to weigh in on various disputes and matters as a really routine course of action. what i think makes this so interesting is who cheryl mills is. cheryl mills is hillary clinton's chief of staff, really her top staffer. republicans thought of her as hillary clinton's enforcer. and her lawyer, as well. to have her travel to new york city for the purposes of basically interviewing two would-be leaders for the clinton
3:40 pm
foundation. and then to have brian fallon say it was clear this had nothing to do with her official responsibilities is totally preposterous on its face. of course it had everything to do with her official responsibilities. that's why they sent her, because they wanted to show people that this was sort of fluid. >> we showed last night, a.b., one of the exchanges on these e-mails. here is another one. we don't know who it's from, but it's to doug band. >> doug then forwards that to huma abedin and cheryl mills, saying, note, important to take care of said person, who this e-mail is from. huma abedin then returns the e-mail, we have all had him on our radar, personnel has been sending him options.
3:41 pm
understand that huma abedin and cheryl mills a t the time are working for the state department. >> right. and huma abedin ended up with four paychecks from a private firm, from the state department, from the foundation, and personal funds from the clinton family, as well. but she is sort of the worst case example. but all of them have interwoven interests and potential conflicts that are overlapping. it's clear that you don't have to read the book to know that the foundation was tied into her tenure at the state department. any democrat who doesn't believe there is a possibility of a big document dump of e-mails indicating that this kind of access was provided. and i'm not even talking about, maybe favors on policy prescriptions were not provided. but any kind of pattern of access and pattern of answering
3:42 pm
people's questions really could end her candidacy. if they don't think that could happen, democrats have their head in the sand. >> here is mike pence moments ago talking about this very issue. >> and we just found out today that actually the -- a few months back the fbi discussed opening up a public corruption investigation of the clinton foundation, and the obama administration's department of justice shut it down. [ crowd booing ] you know, the american people are tired of pay to play politics and when donald trump and i arrive at the white house, we're going to bring it to an end on day one. >> any observer, charlie, looking at the state department briefing yesterday could say that they had a horrible time dealing with this and trying to answer these questions. >> evand now pence and trump ar hitting it. does this play or does it get,
3:43 pm
you know, overtaken by the daily trump story of the day? >> well, if donald trump can stop making the headlines every day, maybe it won't. but i think a real problem here is, the public has been putting up with clinton scandals for 25 years. grant it, these are far worse than anything we've ever encountered before. but i do think that people at some point, they get scandal fatigue and they start losing interest in these things. but of course, and the clintons have an endless appetite and energy for spinning and assembling and deceiving people about all this stuff and talking about the cheryl mills their explanation was that cheryl mills, going into new york, as chief of staff for secretary of state, going to interview for a new leader of the clinton foundation was
3:44 pm
volunteering her personal time to help out a charitable organization. you know, it's staggering. it really is. >> very little time on this today on other channels. a lot of time about president obama and hillary clinton, the founders and co-founders of isis. >> well, i think donald trump has himself to thank for that. he said it last night, he said it again tonight numerous times. he is not backing down from it. i can't find the words to say how offensive i think it is. but i think if he thinks he's going to pick up some vote margin from undecided and swing voters by calling the current commander in chief the founder of isis, good luck with that. >> that's an important point, too. because i am absolutely not offended by it. i think obviously he's speaking loosely when he says they're the founders of isis. but the point is, he knows what the media is going to do. >> when they ask, when they give him the out several times, you mean his policies led to isis.
3:45 pm
he said no, he's the founder. >> that's what i mean he's speaking loosely about it. as hillary clinton might say, he's shore circuiting it. but he knows what the media is going to do with it and the media is going to talk about that instead of this. and that's a bad thing for him. >> go ahead. >> he did say when he was pressed in his radio interview this morning, hugh hewitt said you didn't really mean it, and he said yes, i did mean that. this is the problem. it makes it harder for people who want to make a fact-based, evidence-based critique of the obama administration's handling of the war on terror. there's abundant material to make that with. why you have to say something that you know will be inflammatory and is silly and preposterous is a good question. >> next up, who cooked the books on the facts about the fight against isis?
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one of the things i insisted on the day i walked into the oval office was that i don't want intelligence shaded by politics. i don't want it shaded by
3:50 pm
the desire to tell a feel good story. >> the expectation was that our central command was going to report out that all was well in iraq, that the united states military might was crushing isis that would be great if it was true it wasn't. they told the american people one story despite the fact it wasn't. all the hard work going on in the ground was pointing in a different direction. >> this report about isis analysis coming out of central command and how it was essentially rosy at the top levels and altered according to the report from where it was at the beginning. we're back with our panel. steve, we talked about this numerous times. but now there is a lot of interviews, and a lot of data. they say a lot of facts. >> confirm what is we knew but you are right. it adds to the picture. 40% of intelligence analysts that they spoke to at one point or the other over the
3:51 pm
course of this year they have seen senior officials rewrite or second guess the intelligence assessment they provided, always in favor of a rosier picture of the u.s. efforts against isis. >> why? >> well, they would argue that it was political manipulation. they didn't make a direct connection to the white house they didn't say it was something the president had said you need to give me this picture. it was very clear about what the president believed about isis and about the jihadist threat going back to the beginning of his administration really. but throughout the 2012 campaign al qaeda is on the run and john brennan speech saying we wouldn't be fighting al qaeda and jihadists at the end of this decade. the president has said this repeatedly. i think what's important to do with this report is to put it in that broader context. this is not a one-off thing. much of the media coverage has treated this as a one-off thing at centcom that's isolated. it's not. we have seen this again and again and again. we have seen it with centcom analysts in particular on the usama bin laden
3:52 pm
documents. they weren't even allow to do have access to the usama bin laden documents because the cia wouldn't let them see them there are other examples. the denial of responsibility of al qaeda in the wynn gaze attacks. we had reporting that al qaeda and al qaeda linked groups had been responsible for beangz. the president's guantanamo detainees to make them less threatening than military and intelligence have said on a decade of study of these detainees. just rewriting it final one was the dni. rewriting intelligence assessments about iran and the threat presented by iran particularly with respect to terrorism in the lead-up to the vote on the iran deal. this is the way the administration has handled intelligence from the beginning. >> general jack keane, somebody i respect greatly, his assessment of this entire story. >> the president of the united states has had a tendency to minimize the threat from our adversaries and to exaggerate the progress that we have made
3:53 pm
against them. and that has been very consistent and it happened just as late as last week when he was talking about the progress being made against isis, we have got them on the run and they are contained when, information, they have expanded from nine countries to 24. so, this manipulation of reports inside a major command i have not seen since the vietnam war. so this is a very serious thing that has taken place here. and, believe me, people will be held accountable for it. >> i have not seen since the vietnam war. >> you know, on the question of accountability, i just think americans cannot understand why a critical function like this of our government. this is not a bureaucratic bummer like mishandling of housing vouchers. this is -- this is a critical function of the government, bad data leads to bad policies which is ultimate lay security threat. even if you give obama mat benefit of the doubt that he wasn't the one that asked for this, he ran and
3:54 pm
campaigned saying i'm not going to tell you what you want to hear. i'm going to tell you what you have to hear. if those people aren't held accountable, they are asking for dia ombudsman that's not adequate. there has to be accountable structure that names names and fires people and shows the american people that this is a huge threat to their security. >> some one or two stars are going to lose their post, lose their job but it's never getting to the white house. >> no, of course not. i love the debate about what level was all of this coming from within centcom. it was coming from the president. he was talking about how jc jc -- jv team the secretary of state was talking about isis on the run. that's why we are seeing terrorist attacks when this president began running in 2007 he was running very much against the war and the reason he became the democratic nominee is he had a unblemished record against the war. a major plank of that argument was that the bush administration i'm not saying that they did but their argument at the time was the bush administration had cooked the books on
3:55 pm
weapons of mass destruction and their slam dunk case was not a slam dunk case they wanted to get into a war. this is no different from what he is accusing bush of doing. >> quickly, would another republican running make a bigger deal of this than donald trump and mike pence are? >> yeah. i certainly would think. so and, look. i have said before and i know it caused people to raise eyebrows. i think this is the single biggest scandal of the obama administration. when history books are written about this in 20, 30, 0 years and we learn what was in the usama bin laden document kach people will be appalled what was withheld from intelligence analysts, the ways that the books were cooked and what the american people didn't know as they had to make important decisions about the future of the country. >> the iran deal is not going away. those chickens will come back to roost. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned to one set of polls where democrats are clearly behind.
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, one late night show one group had a breaking news this week. democrats behind the polls in every single state. then we found out it was democrats behind the poles, not behind in the polls. >> my name is nicholas house of the great democratic state of rhode island. >> proudly cast 21 votes for senator bernie sanders. >> our camp vote. >> i'm proud to announce that oklahoma where our state motto is labor. >> the great state of kansas. >> the father of the new
4:00 pm
political revolution, 74 votes for bernie sanders. >> you think they would figure that out. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. donald trump is about to take the stage at a rally in florida. "on the record" is monitoring this rally for any news that comes out of it. but right now you are being lied to. and no, it is not a mistake. it is intentional and it's dangerous and it's putting american lives in danger. a damning new house republican report finding intelligence generated by the u.s. central command was manipulated, the reason? to fool you, to payment a better and false picture of the american people about the american people about isis. just a short time ago u.s. congressman major in the u.s. army reserves and donald trump endorser congressman lee zeldin went "on the record." congressman, nice to see you sir. >> it's great to be with


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